Finally, an Inbound Marketing Specialist
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attract synergy, harmony & energy

Yvette Sonneveld, inbound marketing specialist

Hey there, I’m Yvette!

I’m an inbound marketing and content marketing specialist. I have helped dozens of business owners generate leads, clients, and revenue from strategies, content, and campaigns we co-created. Let’s get your calendar filled with appointments.

Together, we’ll make sure that your content and campaigns not only radiate your expertise but also your personality. And that they show potential clients that you really care. That you get them. That way, you’ll attract clients that you’re best qualified to help succeed. And with whom you’re most likely to resonate. Because they have already started to know, like, and trust you while consuming your content.

I’m a certified inbound marketer

Besides that, I have successfully completed online certification training with Digital Marketer and Hubspot. Think topics like content marketing, e-mail marketing, direct response copywriting and so much more.

Yvette Sonneveld is a certified customer value optimization specialist
Certified Content Marketing Specialist Badge issued by
Yvette Sonneveld is a certified direct response copywriting specialist
Yvette Sonneveld is a certified e-mail marketing specialist

How can I help you get results with inbound marketing?

I know from experience that a mix of consultancy, coaching and hands-on assistance works best. Depending on your vision, goals and budget, we’ll find the balance that suits you best.


Together, we’ll set goals, determine who your ideal client is, map out messaging & campaigns, and keep optimizing.


Let’s find the words that attract your ideal client. The ones who do appreciate you for both what you do and who you are.


I’ll set up landingpages, e-mail campaigns, and measuring up so that your calendar gets filled up with sales opportunities.

These companies (and others) already trusted me with creating an inbound marketing strategy, campaigns and content:

What clients say about me

Imagine having up to 5 sales conversations with hot leads each week.
What would that do for your business?

I specialize in working with businesses at the crossroads of technical and creative, like graphic designers, web developers, and agencies.