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How Can I Help?

I would love to train, mentor and /or assist you to optimize your inbound marketing.

Let’s Meet Over Coffee

When optimizing your inbound marketing, it is essential that we both feel a positive connection. Wich is exactly why I offer prospective clients a complimentary discovery session. If you would like to schedule one, please contact me to set up a date and time.

In order for you and me to prepare for this meeting, I would like you to complete an inventory. You can either use the form below, or download a MS-Word version by right clicking and saving his link.

We will use this inventory as the basis for our initial meeting. If, after this session, we both feel this could work out, we will decide upon the way we will proceed.


On demand: trouble shooting, training, mentoring & assistance on an hourly basis

Get access to me on demand. We meet in person or through Skype. We can brainstorm ideas, I can show you how to do something, I can guide you along while looking over your shoulder or basically anything else inbound marketing related.

I charge € 50 per half hour or € 75 per hour (Nafl 100 per half hour and Nafl 150 per hour for Curacao residents).

I keep a 30 minute minimum or virtual meetings and a 60 minute minimum for in-person meetings. Meetings will usually take place at your office or in a central location, like ChitChat Cafe, Boosty, De Heeren or Delifrance Bloempot. I will charge time for commutes over 30 minutes 1-way.

Weekly or Monthly Sessions: 1 on 1 training and mentoring on a monthly basis

Please contact me to set up your complimentary discovery session.

Monthly Meetings 60Weekly Meetings 30Weekly Meetings 60
Meetings, in person or virtualMonthly, 60 minutesWeekly, 30 minutes (virtual only)Weekly, 60 minutes
Meeting recordingfor virtual meetingsfor virtual meetingsfor virtual meetings
Facebook GroupIs IncludedIs IncludedIs Included
Library with resourcesIs IncludedIs IncludedIs Included
Group HangoutsIs IncludedIs IncludedIs Included
Regular price per month€ 200 / Nafl 300€650 / Nafl. 1.000€ 1.000 / Nafl. 1.500
Introductory price 2014€ 150 / Nafl 225€ 550 / Nafl 775€ 800 / Nafl 1.200

Please contact me today to schedule your complimentary discovery session.