How I Can Help You With Inbound Marketing Coaching And Consultancy

Under the Inbound Marketing Bliss label, I mainly work with business owners (and their teams) in the real estate and financial services industries. I have, however, also successfully worked with coaches, health and wellness professionals and retailers. Under the Sonneveld & Goeijenbier label, my partner Gwynneth Goeijenbier and I train and coach female business owners in the creative sector.

How does Inbound Marketing Coaching work?

First and foremost, you need a clear strategy. You need to know where you are now, and where you want to go. You need to know how you distinguish yourself from other players in the market. What your ideal buyer journey generally looks like. What phases someone passes on his or her way from first time visitor to advocate and how many people are traveling your ideal client journey. Without that, you won’t be able to measure if your adjusted approach works.

We always start with a quick scan to chart what assets and activities are already in place:

  • Do you know who your buyer persona are?
  • Do you know what their buyer journey generally looks like?
  • Do you know what makes you different from other players in the market?
  • What client management software do you already use and what marketing tools does it offer?
  • Do you have a clear picture of the reach of your online presence?
  • Do you know your conversion rates?
  • Do you measure client happiness?
  • Do you actively ask for referrals?

Subsequently, we list the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement and we discuss ways to implement those relatively easy.

Needless to say, we also help you measure the effect of these first, and if everything goes well, many subsequent campaigns.

Inbound Marketing Coaching In A Group Setting

If you have more time on your hands than funds, doing the work yourself may be a smart plan. It may be slower, but it will keep you out of debt. Your reputation is precious, however, so you may want to avoid some really ugly pitfalls.

At this time, I am working on a series of workbooks, planners and training to help you prepare, select and execute those inbound marketing campaigns that give you the right sort of exposure. The extensive instructions and intuitive worksheets and templates help you avoid the most common pitfalls. The step by step approach and the checklists help you ensure you don’t accidentally overlook important steps.

For some of you, working through the strategic modules yourself and making someone within your (virtual) team responsible for the day to day marketing activities works best. You will have permission to share all material within your team.

If you are really excited about what we offer and would love to share outside your team, please sign up to become one of our affiliates and allow us to send you a nice reward you for every new client you refer.

When you start implementing what you have learned, you may get stuck. As much as we try to add a wide variety of examples, it is not always easy to translate those to your particular situation.

Being part of a community of likeminded people really helps in those sorts of situations. We are hosting a community like that on Facebook and, needless to say, we try to pitch in as much as we can too. Furthermore, we host several virtual meetings a week where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Lastly, your marketing person is more than welcome to join the Facebook community and virtual meetings.

Inbound Marketing Coaching In A Group Setting With 1 on 1 Coaching

Are you planning to keep your day to day marketing as much in house as possible, but would you like to work faster and more efficiently? Upgrading to add 1 on 1 coaching may be the solution for you. You and your team will get access to all tools and training, and we’ll meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to plan, create, evaluate and tweak strategies and campaigns.

Inbound Marketing Coaching To Effectively Outsource It All

You may be so crazy busy that thinking about having all of this in house gives you a huge headache. And so does outsourcing but you have decided to get it done anyway.

Being able to rely on a marketing coach to help you wade through the mudpool of options may be the right choice for you.

Someone who walks next to you and guides you through the strategic choices as quickly and painlessly as possible. Who helps you to specifiy your needs in order to get the right quotes from agencies and/or freelancers. Who helps you compare offers. Who helps you managing the projects.

Interest peeked?