Inbound Marketing Curacao:
Training, Mentoring & Assistance

Hello, and welcome! My name is Yvette Sonneveld. I am lucky to live on a beautiful Caribbean island called Curaçao. I train,mentor and assist entrepreneurs like you, to optimize your inbound marketing activities in order to:

  • Get more leads
  • Get more clients
  • Increase your revenue & profits

I mainly work with entrepreneurs (and their assistants, marketing managers and/or marketing executives) in the services industry and when I have done my job well, you:

  • Have formulated a crystal clear inbound marketing strategy that aligns with your core values
  • Have defined SMART goals that keep you focused and excited
  • Are confident in creating content that helps create connections and build relations
  • Use inbound marketing software like WordPress, MailChimp, HootSuite and Pixlr with ease
  • See a healthy, steady, increase in the number of leads & clients, revenue & profit.

I train, mentor and assist in the following areas:

Inbound Marketing Strategy Planning

If you are not clear on your Inbound Marketing Strategy, I gladly assist you and your team in brainstorming and funneling to obtain more clarity and focus. After our session(s), you will have created your Compass To Blissful Inbound Marketing, an ever evolving document that gives direction to your inbound marketing and contains, amongst others, the following sections:

  • The Roots Of Your Bliss: Also called your core values . I cannot emphasize the importance of defining your values enough, it is just too important. And I know, I learned this the hard way. If you find yourself procrastinating, if you feel overwhelmed, orif you notice that you seem to be sabotaging your success, this may be caused by the fact that your business activities do not align with your personal and/or professional core values. Being aware of this and refocusing your business accordingly will free up oodles of energy and happiness for you.
  • The Family You Get To Bliss Out : Also called your ideal client(s) or persona. This is about your tribe, your family. The ones you love so much that you want them to prosper like nothing else.  What are they like? What do they dream about? What frustrates them?
  • The Bountiful Bliss You Get To Share: Also called your competitive advantage. What makes you stand out from comparable businesses. What are the your clients’ desires that you know to fulfill like no other? What are the problems you all excited about when your clients rely on you to get them solved? What services do your clients rave about and keep them coming back for more?  What tasks get both you and your clients in a state of bliss?
  • Your Blissful Purpose : Also called strategic and tactical goals. Since we need you well grounded in order for you to be purposefully blissful: we will set you up with a set of SMART goals to attain within 3, 6 and 12 months.

WordPress Website (re)Development

I profoundly believe in a (WordPress) website as the foundation of all inbound marketing activities. I gladly offer my expertise in:

  • (Re-)developing your (WordPress) website
  • Optimizing your website for the best exposure and conversion possible
  • Keeping your WordPress core & plugin software up to date and optimally configured.

I am convicted that all social media and e-mail activities need to refer back to pages on your website. I know this seems like a lot of work, but I need you to know that there are ways to  automate certain aspects of you inbound marketing:

  • Schedule posts to get published at a designated date and time
  • Automatically publish new posts to your social media profiles and pages.
  • Automatically e-mail subscribers this newly published content at a designated date and time.

Lastly, hundreds of websites are hacked to redirect to malicious content and infected with viruses every day. I would love to entirely safeguard you from attacks and trespassing, but unfortunately reality is that nobody can do that entirely. Keeping your core software and plugins up to date helps, and I gladly advise you in the use of plugin software that helps protect and keeps backups just in case.

Inbound Marketing Content Creation

I gladly assist you with creating artwork or teach you how to create artwork that attracts attention and illustrates the message you are trying to get across.

Also I bring more than a decade of copy writing experience in both Dutch and English to the table, so I gladly coach you in writing content that captures interest, maintains attention and gets readers to take action.

E-mail Marketing

I have extensive experience in setting up accounts, developing custom templates, creating and scheduling campaigns and analyzing performance.

I can either train and coach you or your assistant in these tasks, or you could leave it up to me all together.

HootSuite Social Media Management

I gladly offer my expertise in setting up and maintaining your social media presence, using the intuitive and productivity boosting software HootSuite.