Tips For Creating Great Google Adwords Image Ads for the Display Network

Google Adwords Image Ads are a great way to support your branding efforts. When advertising in the Display Network, Click Through Rates may seem low when compared to the Search Network CTR’s, but are known to still create a great deal of traffic. If you have the opportunity to place Image Ads (banner ads, static or dynamic), you may even enhance top of mind awareness without getting the click. After all, these banners do attract attention, and even if you do not get the click, people will start remembering your name and logo once they start seeing you on a regular basis. A few tips for even better performance

Make sure your Adwords Display Ad looks professionally designed.

If your banner looks like it has been created by an amateur it will do your business image more damage than good. Also, InterCapitalize Your Copy for stronger visibility.

Create Google Adwords Image Ads for all common sizes.

Website owners can set formats to be published on their websites. They usually make selections based on the structure of their website. If your business perfectly complements theirs, and you omitted to create the right format, you would miss out on great quality traffic, right?

The most commonly used formats are:

  • 728 * 90 px (Leaderboard)
  • 468 * 60 px (Banner)
  • 160 * 600 (Skyscraper)
  • 120 * 600 px (Small Skyscraper)
  • 250 * 250 px (Square)
  • 200 * 200 px (Small Square)
  • 336 * 280 (Large Rectangle
  • 300 * 250 px (Inline Rectangle)
  • 300 * 50 px (mobile ad for mobile devices with full browsers like Iphone)

Make sure your Google Adwords Display Ad comes with a strong call to action

Tell people what you want them to do, whether that would be “Buy Now”, “Signup Now” or “Book Now”. Even of you would like to subtly whisper to acion, you could use variations like “Explore Now” or “Read more”. If you have created dynamic ads, make sure that every frame shows one.

Show off your logo

Brand recognition starts with Logo Awareness. Make sure your Ad shows your logo. Once people start seeing your logo on a regular basis, they will start recognizing it and create an image to go with it. It is all in your hands….

Create a relevant landing page

If people decide to grant you the click, you do not want to confuse them, causing them to leave your website immediately. Not only will you miss out on a potentially great customer, you will also mess up your website stats like higher Bounce Rates, that may potentially lead to increased Cost Per Click. Make sure your landing page features a layout that is much like the ad, and virtually the same text in the header. That makes visitors feel all warm, welcome and comfy and they will more likely feel confident to further explore your site or, even better, move onwards to a conversion.

Lastly, some short practical tips

  • Make sure your ad is family safe. If you have any hesitations about if you would like your child, or cute little niece to come across your ad, do not use it.
  • Make sure Image ads do not have a file size larger than 50k.
  • Make sure your file name is 50 characters or shorter.
  • Create your Image ads in RGB color mode.
  • Export your Image ad to a .png file with transparency allowed for optimal color performance.

Play around with Google Display Ad Builder

But promise me to not use the cookie cutter designs that soon will pollute all content websites. If you would like to create your own ads using the Ad Builder, use the standard templates and adjust the colors according to your Brand Standards. Go to Google Display Ad Builder

I hope applying these tips will get you a more succesful Image Ad campaign. If you happen to be in need of some hands on assistance, please to not hesitate to contact me.


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