How To Improve Your Google Adwords Click Through Rates

Would you like to improve your Google Adwords Click Through Rates?

How will your customers know you really have what they want? Your potential customers only see your ad when they type in a search query. They do not see the keywords you target, the way you organize your keywords in campaigns and ad groups. They only see that one ad. Use it to grab their attention

The buying customer knows exactly what he wants, so be specific.

  1. Use your most popular keywords in your ad text, preferably both in the header and the copy. If the search query contains one of these keywords, they will be bolded in the ad copy
  2. Mention a unique selling point or special offer to attract attention
  3. Add a compelling call to action
  4. Use InterCapitalization Of The Ad Text
  5. Lead the customer to a specific page showing the results they were looking for.

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