Do You Use Language Authentically? Say What You Mean? Mean What You Say?

Well hello you,

First of all let me wish you a wonderful week. The people here in Curacao have a wonderful tradition. They wish each other not only a great day, but also a wonderful week on Monday. Bon Dia Bon Siman is what they say. I know people that have moved away from the island years ago and still post Bon Dia Bon Siman on their Facebook profile each and every week. Because it brings back sweet and warm and  fuzzy memories. The power of language.

Speaking about the power of language. It makes me sad how some marketers use language in such a fluffed up way that it corrupts the entire meaning.

This morning  I was reading a blog post by Seth Godin. He wrote about marketers’ abuse of “I Need You”. How some have gotten into the habit of saying “I Need You” where they actually mean: I want your money. Now. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care whether or not what I an selling really suits you well. I don’t care whether or not what I am selling makes the world a better place. I just want your money.

You can read the entire article at Seth Godin: I Need You

Use Language Authentically

Makes you think, right? It made me realize even more how I want my business to be about shining a positive light in peoples lives. About teaching entrepreneurs how to use marketing to make the world a better place and make enough to live a comfortable life. If you ever catch me on abusing language in this way, please please please call me on it.

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