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WordPress 3.9 Is Out – Please Update

By Yvette Sonneveld | Announcements

Apr 18
Wordpress 3.9 Is Out

That was quick! Not even 2 weeks after WordPress 3.8.3 was released, now WordPress 3.9 is out. WordPress 3.9 comes with a lot of new features.

Visual editing became quicker and less messy

The updated visual editor is quicker, more accessible and offers better mobile support. Even pasting from Word is a breeze now. No more cleaning up messy code!

Edit images easily

Scaling, cropping and rotating, much quicker and easier now,

Image Uploading with Drag n Drop

Drag & drop your images right from your desktop or any folder.

Gallery previews

Galleries display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor, just like they do in your published post.

Do more with audio and video

Showcase your music and clips in playlists.

Live widget and header previews

Edit arrange your site’s widgets right in the theme customizer. No more “save, reload and hope for the best”

The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.

Theme browser

Browse and select the perfect theme has become easy breezy.



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