Sharing Great Finds To Teach, Encourage & Inspire

Sharing Great Finds To Teach, Encourage & Inspire

Well hello there!

I don’t know about you, but I spend hours each week researching the internet, trying to find ways to create what I have in mind, find solutions for problem my clients face and learn new techniques to serve you even better.

And I thought, what if there were an easy way to share the resources I come across. One that is more quickly and almost effortlessly?

Visual Cues

Now one of the things I learned along the way is that:
30% of you are primarily visually oriented;
25% of you think primarily in words;
the remaining 45% of you does not really have a preference.

If I speak for myself, I am strongly visually oriented. Visual cues help me understand the concept and principles of things quicker and easier.

Knowing that, I decided that a visual aid for you to know this is me sharing a resource would be beneficial. At the same time, creating one should be easy. After all, if I can share a resource quickly and effortlessly, I will have more time and energy to share more valuable resources.

Approved And Rated

Initially I had a seal of approval in mind. Yet, I also thought that a screenshot of the website would help clarify what the resource was about. So I did some research and came up with the visual you will see right above this piece of proza. A framed certificate of approval. And in order to let you know how much of a life altering discovery it is, I will try to rate it with stars:

1 star: recommended
2 stars: highly recommended
3 stars: I could not live without it anymore.

My Great Find Of Today.

So I’ll get started with these sweet little badges. They come in zip file that contains a fully editable .PSD file, a licence, an overview of the fonts used and the location where to find these and a preview image. As you can see, I edited one to serve my purpose: a seal of approval with a star rating. This is a free download and you do not need to sign up.

You will find the badges here:

Before you go

Before you go, please let me know…. Was this post helpful? Are you currently looking for a resource to solve a particular issue? I may have one on top if my mind, so please let me know.

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