I Needed A Stretch - 31 Day Content Marketing Challenge
Oct 04

Helping my clients creating and improving their inbound marketing and their online presence totally blisses me out, and I am thankful that this way of working as a solopreneur gives me the flexibility to spend quality time with my family. Yet, like the car mechanic who drives a broken car and the shoemakers kids who walk barefoot, this website suffered from poor health and appearance.

Soooo, when Kelly McCausey offered the Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge, I knew this was the ultimate opportunity to get someone to kick my behind to improve my professional web presence.

Two days ago this 31 day challenge kicked off with an online gathering. The vibe was incredibly positive, the chatbox was buzzing all about. In the meanwhile I have been able to make some sweet and supportive connections on the forum.

Kelly and her team will

  • coach us to deal with fear and resistance when it comes to put ourselves out there.
  • teach us methods and techniques to use for brainstorming and creating content
  • teach us to do Google Hangouts,
  • kick us in the behind whenever necessary

I have accepted the following goals for the month of October:

  1. Get all information on my website up to date
  2. Implement a lead generation / list building flow with a lead magnet, e-mail subscription, and auto responder follow up. Write a blog post about my experience to allow my readers to learn from what I learned
  3. Publish at least 4 blog posts.
  4. Create a welcome video for my home page
  5. Record and publish at least 5 short instructional videos for WordPress
  6. Host a Google Hangout with Customer Avatars as main theme

If you could use some additional inspiration on creating content or some virtual b-kicking, please join me by following the link below.

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Yvette Sonneveld is an all-round inbound marketer specializing in the real estate and financial services industries.

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