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How Can I Help You As InfusionSoft Certified Partner

I have become an InfusionSoft Certified Partner in December of 2017. InfusionSoft is on a mission to help fight the fight against the staggering amount of small businesses that fail. By simplifying marketing and by making it more effective. That perfectly matches my mission to help more business owners be known for their unique combination of their expertise and their personality. Moreover, I am really impressed by InfusionSofts’ company culture. Open, upright and always looking for the win win. The short movie below illustrates that really well.

How can an InfusionSoft Certified partner help you simplify your marketing and make it more effective?

Infusionsoft helps you systemize your sales and marketing strategy. Well implemented, it will help you regain control and it shows you the overall picture.  As a result, you will save time and energy.

Infusionsoft was specifically developed for small business owners. It offers ample flexibility to reflect your internal processes and procedures. Moreover, lots of easy to integrate add-on tools help further customize to your needs.

Infusionsoft tracks new leads and shows you which leads are ready to buy. It automates follow up so that less leads fall through the cracks and are nurtured and educated towards making smart decisions faster. Positioning you as the friendly, helpful expert you already are.

This video shows what InfusionSoft can do for you really well:

How does an InfusionSoft Certified Partner work?

One of the first things we InfusionSoft Certified Partners do, is create a quickscan to learn what assets and systems you already have in place:

  • Do you know who your buyer persona are?
  • Do you know what their buyer journey generally looks like?
  • Do you know what makes you different from other players in the market?
  • What client management software do you already use and what marketing tools does it offer?
  • Do you have a clear picture of the reach of your online presence?
  • Do you know your conversion rates?
  • Do you measure client happiness?
  • Do you actively ask for referrals?

Subsequently, we list the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement and we discuss ways to implement those relatively easy.

Needless to say, we also help you measure the effect of these first, and if everything goes well, many subsequent campaigns.

Does an InfusionSoft Certified Partner take care of all of this?

That depends on your needs, your budget and on the interests and the skillset of the partner you have selected.

Personally, I love to create content, design campaigns and assemble reports. I may not offer this service for ever, and can rely on a network of specialists if and when needed too.

And maybe you have someone on your team with marketing skills and/or who is eager to learn. I have successfully trained and coached team members before.

Learn more

Would you like to learn more about InfusionSoft, or about my services as an InfusionSoft Certified Partner, use this link to schedule a complimentary consultancy session today.