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Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back?

By Yvette Sonneveld | Encouragement & Inspiration

Dec 21

If you are struggling with imposter syndrome then above all know that you are not alone. Even famous actress and Harvard graduate Natalie Portman does.

I found a great article with several helpful and some not so helpful tips. Personally, I would not have listed Get Therapy on top of the list. But sharing your feelings with people you trust. Absolutely. Know that you’re ever evolving. Heck yeah. Ditch perfectionism. Hard. But helps.

I have struggled with Impostor Syndrome for years. I was bullied at several schools. Changed schools because of that in elementary school. It happened again at another, and later at high school. Statistically, I’m supposed to be depending on anti-depressants and barely functioning. I’m not. I make myself stretch my comfort zone regularly. And found my kind of crazy. I still have my moments. But I am doing well. That is exactly what I want for you to.

Still here? Let me share a tip from the best therapist I worked with over the years. Here’s what she said: "Imagine, for a moment, that everything you do is 100% perfect. How would people that affect the people around you? Would that draw them closer? Now imagine you slip up up every once in a while? Would they hate you for it? Or would they merely be relieved that you are just as human as they are?"

 Think about it and let me know if this was helpful. We’re all failing forward, baby!  


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