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Is Your Content Accessible To Users With Restrictions?

By Yvette Sonneveld | Content Marketing

Dec 20
is Your Content Accessible

Making your content accessible has many benefits. Many people depend on screen readers or voice operated software to navigate the web. Additionally, a large group of people with no official restrictions will greatly benefit from your efforts as well.

Last September, I got hired for an awesome gig with Level Level, a digital agency based in Rotterdam. They were looking for someone to write copy for their new website, both in Dutch and in English. The owners and team members of this agency are pretty passionate about web accessibility. And that passion is contagious, let me tell you. Resulting in my resolution to help spread awareness. Because it is important. So many internet marketers and web developers aren’t even aware it's a thing.

My dear friend Rian Rietveld teaches about accessibility regularly. She created this great resource about how to make content accessible. I warmly recommend you check it out.

About the Author

Yvette Sonneveld is an all-round inbound marketer specializing in the real estate and financial services industries.