Want To Accomplish Your Goals? Put Down Your Duckie!

If You Want To Accomplish Your Goals You’ve Got To Put Down Your Duckie

By Yvette Sonneveld | Uncategorized

Nov 27

Have you ever watched this Sesame Street Clip? If Ernie really wants to play the saxophone, like with no sqeaking duck sounds, he is going to have to put down his duckie.

Try to do two things at the same time and neither will turn out perfect. If you want to accomplish your goals, you have to focus and tame your mind to not jump all over the place. So put your duckie down. Give it a nice spot, but table it.

I know that, and sometimes I am able to make that work better than other times. This article reminded me again, in a fun way. You can leave that to Kristen Eckstein.

So, if you’re in for a fun song, go watch the embedded movie below. Then, with the smile still on your face, go read the 5 not so secret secrets about getting anything, including your writing done.

Before You Go

But before you go, please let me know…. What are your secrets to get your mind to simply obey? To not jump all over the place when you have a to do list that freaks you out just by thinking about it? What do you do to make sure you accomplish your goals?


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