About Rainy Days & Compelling Content

About Rainy Days & Compelling Content

By Yvette Sonneveld | Content Marketing

Nov 06
About Rainy Days & Compelling Content

Hey dear,

Today we have a rainy day here on our lovely little island. I love those days. I get to put a cardigan on. And I get to drink tea. Love those days. As long as they are an exception, not a rule. I do not care for places that serve fall 11 months a year.

I took the picture above early this morning. it’s the view from our porch. I loved the light. And the view. I am addicted to the view.

One of the things that I have learned along the way is that you should never publish a freshly written article right away. Leave it be, at least for a few hours. Then go back. Edit. Leave it for a bit another time. Edit again.

But how do you know your copy is good enough? Will convert? You could get someone to proof read it for you. Preferably someone with ample experience in copywriting and conversion. If you are not able to, a checklist might help.

The guys and girls at copyblogger.com obviously know a lot about copy writing and conversion. And they created us a very helpful checklist. And it comes with an explanation.

Go check out their Ultimate Copy Checklist blog post.

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