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What if Inbound Marketing was no longer frustrating?

What if, instead, it was:

  • Fun?
  • Effortless?
  • Rewarding?

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My name is Yvette Sonneveld, and I have been assisting clients with their inbound marketing strategies and activities since the birth of this millennium. Yup, you can call me old school. I got started programming HTML using notepad and started out with Photoshop 7.0. Wow, I AM getting old, am i?

Anyways, I would love to make inbound marketing less frustrating for you. And more fun. More rewarding as well. How about I'll get started with explaining you my 6 favorite 6-step recipe for a successful inbound marketing​ stew?


Know what moves your ideal client to serve them even better:

  • What is their #1 fear?
  • What does that fear feel like?
  • What is their #1 goal?
  • What does reaching that goal feel like?
  • Map out the steps towards reaching the goal.


Create helpful content and show your ideal client that:

  • You get how they feel now;
  • You are qualified to help them reach their goal (your content helps them to get started);
  • You are fun to work with (your content helps them to get to know you).


Invite visitors to take the obvious next step: 

  • Offer a reward in exchange for contact details;
  • Make sure this reward is easily actionable 
  • Focus your reward on completing the first step towards the desired result.


Follow up with your ideal client using email, social media and ads.

  • Keep feeding their frustration;
  • Keep explaining the risks of being idle;
  • Keep painting the sense of accomplishment after reaching the goal;
  • ​Keep encouraging them to complete the first step;
  • Present a paid option to complete the first step or move on with next steps.


Make sure your services have a high perceived value:

  • Use a systematized approach to help fulfil the goal;
  • Offer ample ways to recognize where they get stuck and how to get on;
  • Offer unsurpassed customer service;
  • Offer a higher level of access to you against an additional fee.


Test, tweak and track progress:

  • Analyze behavior of website visitors
  • Split test offers and landing pages;
  • ​Track conversion rates;
  • ​Track Churn Rate
  • Track Average Revenue per Client;

Does my 6-step recipe sound doable?

Your ideal next step would be scheduling some time to meet (in person or virtually), get to know each other, discuss your particular business situation and find out if we resonate and if I would be the right person to help you.

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